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It was originally taught to girls from an early age in order to strengthen their abdominal muscles in preparation for childbirth. The muscle isolation techniques require practice and control, and the smaller the movement, the greater the control and the more the muscle is exercised. Unlike Western European music, Arabic music’s most developed elements are not harmony and chord structure, but melody and rhythm. These elements have become highly refined, and combine perfectly with the movements of Raqs Sharqi. Rhythm is expressed (usually, but not exclusively) with strong repetitive movements of the hips and the melodic line with the arms, the upper body and undulating movements of the torso.

It is a significant form of self-expression at all ages and stages of womanhood; slow or fast, soft and sensual, controlled and commanding, passionate and powerful, assertive and addictive. Belly dance is a beautiful dance form that is not only wonderful for health and fitness but also inspirational and expressive, not to mention great fun!

My name is Katerina. Within this website you will find I have a shop selling gorgeous made-to-measure skirts, also tops, hip scarves canes and zills. I have a list of my classes and what to expect when you come to one and I have a private area for my students where they can find tools to help them progress with the moves being taught in class.

I have been teaching in the Leicestershire area now for over twelve years. I am half Greek Cypriot and Half Jewish and from those origins comes my love of the music and dance of that area of the world. When I first started to learn ‘Belly Dance’ I found I had a natural aptitude for it and picked it up very quickly. Years later friends suggested I should teach as they thought I would ‘be good at it’.  I now teach six days of the week! I teach my own choreography and mostly teach routines as I feel it’s a more fulfilling way of learning this very special art. Many of my students who have been with me for over 6 years tell me one of the reasons they love the classes so much is because of the routines. Having something to work towards gives them a focus and keeps them coming back again and again. To me, this dance has brought much joy, fulfilment, and depth of self-expression, as I believe it has and will do for countless others. I teach belly dance throughout the Leicestershire area, full details on the class information page.

Belly dancing is suitable for any age, shape or size and my fun and friendly teaching style will help you gain confidence and bring out the inner diva in you! If you were to join one of my classes you might find yourself dancing at community and cultural events, which is fantastic fun and a great opportunity to show off your dancing to family and friends. The other year we shimmied the ‘race for life’, it was a fantastic achievement by my students.

I perform at all kinds of events, from family parties, birthdays and weddings to corporate events and promotions. Hen nights are very popular, combining a short class with a performance and a chance for the guests to express themselves with belly dance.

Please note that Belly dance is NOT adult entertainment and is NOT suitable for ALL MALE events - the only events that will be covered are those with a mixed or female audience.

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