Belly Dancer Zills


Zills are metallic finger cymbals worn on the belly dancer's hands. There are four cymbals in a set of belly dancer zills, i.e. two for each hand. Modern belly dancer zills come in a range of sizes and finishes, but beginners usually find a zill with a diameter of two inches or less easier to manage to begin with. Zills were originally used by musicians playing for belly dance performances but are now seen as part of the belly dancer's art. There are many complex rhythms in belly dancing music that can be played on the zills. The belly dancer attaches two zills to each hand while performing the belly dance to accentuate the rhythm of belly dance music and enhance the graceful movements of the belly dancer's arms and hands.

Straight from Egypt, our belly dance  zills are ideal for the beginner and the experienced belly dancer alike. They are 1¾ inch in diameter with 1cm wide elastic.

Finished in a gold effect, they are quite thick and make a lovely clear ringing sound, adding a further dimension to your belly dancing performance.

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