• Tuesday 6.30pm – 7.30pm at Mencap Hall, Hill Street, Hinckley. Advanced level
  • Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.30pm at Mencap Hall, Hill Street, Hinckley. Beginners level
  • Thursday 6.30pm – 7.30pm at St Thomas Church Rooms, South Wigston. Intermediate level
  • Thursday 7.30pm – 8.30pm at St Thomas Church rooms, South Wigston. Advanced level
  • Friday 6.30pm - 7.30pm at Dixon Woods School Of Dance, Oadby. Beginners level
  • Friday 7.30pm – 8.30pm at Dixon Woods School Of Dance, Oadby. Advanced level

Classes are £6.00 a session and you pay for a whole course. I do offer two payment choices, you can either pay in one lump sum for the whole course or you can split it into two and pay half on the first class and then give me a post dated cheque for halfway through the course for the other half. You bring both payments with you to the first class. Courses are usually 8 weeks.

I normally tell my students to wear a long skirt if they have one, something similar to the gypsy style skirts that have been in fashion the past few years. If you haven’t got a skirt then jogging bottoms will do fine. Mostly people wear just a t-shirt on their top half as they’re not yet ready to show off their stomach, it will come! You don’t need to wear anything on your feet as we dance barefoot, if you can’t for medical reasons then you need to wear something like ballet pumps, definitely not trainers.

I sell various designs of hip scarves, which I can bring to class or you can see on this website in the shop. I also sell made to measure skirts, these are made of gorgeous metallic material which really catches the light as you dance. There are also some lovely stretch velvet tops and zills in the shop.


  • Warm up - Gentle moves from top to toe to mobilise all parts of the body. For more advanced classes we do a fun routine involving a combination of warm up stretches and belly dance moves.
  • Technique/Isolations - We will learn technique and isolations each week and will also revise moves already learned. Gradually we will put these moves together to become a routine. Each student is observed individually and offered in-depth breakdown and correction if necessary along with lots of encouragement.
  • Every student will learn at their own pace and will probably find some moves easier to carry out than others - don't worry, this is completely normal!
  • Cool down - Gentle movements and stretches so that we don't ache the next day

The benefits of belly dance are both mental and physical. Dancing is a good cardio-vascular work out, helps increase flexibility and focuses on the torso or 'core muscles'. It is suitable for all ages and body types and can be as physical as the participant chooses to make it. Mental health benefits, for many belly dancers, include an improved sense of wellbeing, elevated body image and self-esteem as well as a generally positive outlook that comes with regular, enjoyable exercise. Many of my students find that when life is hard, coming to class helps them switch off for an hour, which is incredibly beneficial for their well being. It is particularly good for people with lower back problems as it is not high impact and actually strengthens those muscles. Middle Eastern dance is a 'muscle dance' as opposed to a Western style 'step dance'. Muscle groups are often used in isolation, so you might be moving one part of your body while keeping the rest of it as still as possible. Learning to control separate parts of the body like this requires a reasonable amount of concentration, so we are exercising the mind as well as the body.

If you associate belly dance in your mind with burlesque, pole dancing and lap dancing then you'll be surprised when you attend your first class. What you'll most likely find is a bunch of ladies varying in age from 14 to 70+ and varying from size 8 to size ++. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn belly dance, your very first lesson can be a daunting prospect - don't worry, we've all been there and we know how you feel! Belly dance will help you tone up, increase your co-ordination and flexibility, improve your posture, help you gain confidence and bring out the inner diva in you!

Most important of all - you will have fun!

Belly dancing is normally good for your health but can be seriously addictive.

  • Participants have been known to have fun, make new friends, gain self confidence and move sinuously and gracefully around stages and dance floors in glamorous middle-eastern costumes.
  • Neither the very young nor pensioners are immune from the effects of this addiction.
  • Those in doubt should consult their doctor before embarking on any new programme of exercise.
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores.
  • Classes may contain nuts.


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