Cheryl mcmonnies says (11/04/2018 21:33:27):
After a couple of years of medical problems, then losing my dad and my best friend both unexpectedly and within 24 hours of each other my social anxiety was out of control and I needed something to focus on and lift me again. Decided I wanted to learn to belly dance for some reason. Found Katerina's class on a Thursday evening and just love it. The group is a nice size and mix of people, friendly but not over the top. Katerina is welcoming and teaches in an easy to follow fun way. I find myself laughing and smiling for that hour and it's making such a difference to me. Xx
Rose Gossage says (09/04/2018 14:23:15):
I have been attending Katerina's belly dance classes for nearly 10 years. The classes are a brilliant work out, good fun and with a relaxed atmosphere. I feel a great sense of achievement as I master (or at least get better at!) increasingly complex moves which are combined into dance routines (of which I now have a repertoire of about 11, more or less!). Katerina is a brilliant teacher who doesn't just show you the dance steps, she breaks them down into their component parts so you have a much better idea as what they SHOULD look and feel like. I would thoroughly
recommend Katerina's classes to anyone, regardless of age.
Tia Pettifer says (30/03/2018 18:30:35):
I began Katerina's class almost 10 years ago. Initially not knowing what I was doing, I noticed I had a big smile on my face. A brilliant class with choreographed routines to learn (and remember) as well as the various different body movements. It keeps body and mind in shape and is great fun.

Tia xxx
Rachel Timney says (15/04/2015 17:01:42):
I started belly dance because I was feeling a bit low about myself and wanted to do an exercise where I didn't have to sweat profusely and feel like I had to compete with others. I went to Katerina's class thinking "I'll just give it a go, finish the block of classes and if I don't like it I won't come back". Two years later and I'm still going, I love every minute. The class is a great mixture of ages, shapes and sizes and no one judges you, it's all about having fun and we have a great laugh. As a teacher Katerina is very patient and encouraging and she's a wonderful dancer. Belly dance is great exercise for toning and strengthening your body and in my case, helps with balance and coordination although when we're starting with new moves you'd never know . When I'm feeling a bit crappy and lethargic I'll go to class and when I come home I feel great. I love it
Barbara Mckay says (08/10/2014 15:31:39):
I joined Katerina’s class almost 3 years ago and can honestly say I felt at home with the group from day 1. I knew no-one in the group but now feel I have made some good friends. Firstly about Katerina. I find her really professional (unlike some other dance teachers I have had classes with!) and dedicated to teaching her pupils even when she has not been feeling at her best. Her love of dancing comes over with the patience she shows when trying to show us moves that are to say the least challenging! I have the greatest respect for her. Now to the dance itself. In a nutshell it is fun and a fantastic form of exercise. I really look forward to going to the class because I know I will have fun with the rest of the group as we try to master the moves. There is no feeling of ‘I cannot do that because others will laugh at me’ because we are all at a similar level and the atmosphere in the room is one of ‘let’s learn and have fun at the same time no matter what we look like.’ It is easy to laugh at ourselves because of the relaxed atmosphere and we know we may look a bit silly now but will eventually get it!!!! Now the exercise element of belly dancing. I do numerous other exercise classes a week and in comparison this is one of the best ones for giving greater body flexibility and trust me shimmying can certainly give you a cardio workout! Overall, I am so glad I discovered the joy of belly dancing and I will continue to sing the praises of Katerina and the class for a long time. To go to these classes for almost 3 years without having any criticisms is a truly amazing testament in itself. It is the only class I do where it annoys me if I miss one. Final comment – I am not being paid to say this – it all comes from my heart.
Alison Standen says (18/05/2013 22:50:27):
Just thought I would update my 2011 comments as I am still attending every week and enjoying every minute despite the struggle to get snake arms right! Like many others I find Katerinas lessons challenging and interesting.. After 6 years I can honestly say that I am hooked! Many thanks for the great teaching.
Betty-ann Abbott says (01/02/2013 18:02:52):
I danced from the age of four,being from carribean roots dancing was always part of how we celebrated, growing up I enjoyed, ballet, ballroom dancing, scottish country dancing and disco dancing, my feet were never still, I was always the first on any dance floor encouraging the less confidant to follow suite.I met my husband at a disco, it was my moves that attracted him to me, we had a Friday night ritual of dancing and drinking until the early hours. Then my mother and brother died 8 months apart in 2009 , I never danced another step.Dancing requires a joy of heart and spirit.I began to smoke and drink heavily.14 months later I spotted a sign for egyptian dancing, I loved the idea of it , after some deliberation and persuasion from my husband, I contacted Katerina. I filled out the health proforma, it asked "do you smoke?", "yes" I replied "do you want to give up?", "no" I replied "Do you drink?" was the next question "yes" I replied "Do you want to stop?" "no" I replied. Well I joined and went to the sessions.I felt as if I was mastering the moves well, felt great doing them, the other girls in class commented on this, which gave me confidance. Within time friends and family noticed a positive change in me, a new confidance. But I was getting breathless , I knew I had to cut down on my smoking, I was feeling heavy, so I had the confidance to join slimming world, eventually, I stopped smoking, stopped drinking and am losing weight, I am now moving more energetically, I intend to continue in this vein because I love the way I feel now, joy has returned to my spirit, I love egyptian dancing and intend to go on forever.I'll finish by saying, sing as if no one can hear you, love as if you have never been hurt before and dance as if no one can see you.
Wendy says (24/05/2012 09:42:37):
I have been going to Katerina's belly dance classes for over 3 years now and can honestly say it is the best exercise class I have ever done. I call it an exercise class but it is so much more than that. Its a great night out meeting new people, learning some very tricky moves (multi-tasking taken to its limit) and dancing to a beautiful variety of music. Katerina is a great teacher who not only manages to teach us moves we think we will never be able to master but also manages to keep us coming back for more. Her Christmas party is a must for everyone and a great chance to show off all your moves. The student area on the website is brilliant no excuse for not practising, I have my own personal trainer in my lounge!
If you are thinking of taking up belly dancing you won't find a better teacher. Wendy x
Teresa Collins says (14/05/2012 08:50:43):
I would like to thank Katerina for being such a wonderfully patient teacher. I have been a student for over three years and have enjoyed all the routines and music. I have ongoing lower back problems and with katerina's guidance and support the movements have made my back stronger and more supple. I send Katerina my sincere thanks at this time as I will be leaving the area and will miss my monday nights with the girls. Please let me know if you start a class in Norfolk
Sally Bailey says (21/04/2012 11:24:11):
I have been attending Katerina's classes for 2 years and agree with all the others that she is an excellent teacher. The routines I have learnt are fun, each one more challenging than the last, and it is so refreshing to dress in the pretty costumes instead of sweaty gym clothes. Belly dancing really is good exercise concentrating on those important core muscles and fairly low impact so I can manage it even when the old knees are complaining. This web site is such a bonus as I can practice the routines at home with my own personal trainer. Thanks Katerina.
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