Teresa Collins says (14/05/2012 08:50:43):
I would like to thank Katerina for being such a wonderfully patient teacher. I have been a student for over three years and have enjoyed all the routines and music. I have ongoing lower back problems and with katerina's guidance and support the movements have made my back stronger and more supple. I send Katerina my sincere thanks at this time as I will be leaving the area and will miss my monday nights with the girls. Please let me know if you start a class in Norfolk
Sally Bailey says (21/04/2012 11:24:11):
I have been attending Katerina's classes for 2 years and agree with all the others that she is an excellent teacher. The routines I have learnt are fun, each one more challenging than the last, and it is so refreshing to dress in the pretty costumes instead of sweaty gym clothes. Belly dancing really is good exercise concentrating on those important core muscles and fairly low impact so I can manage it even when the old knees are complaining. This web site is such a bonus as I can practice the routines at home with my own personal trainer. Thanks Katerina.
Julie says (12/04/2012 11:07:22):
I have been belly dancing with Katerina for a few years now and am still enjoying every session. It's not just the dressing up and giggling that goes on, but the real sense of achievement we get; it's often only when we look back that we realise how far she has brought us. At the start of every new routine we think we'll never be able to do that and then suddenly, there we are - co-ordinated and confident and just that bit fitter. This is an activity for every woman, whatever your size, age or shape (and we have them all!). Oh and don't forget the Christmas parties!
Kath says (31/08/2011 22:04:04):
I started bellydance over 5 years ago just to keep my daughter company but was soon hooked! It's great learning the different moves and putting them together into a routine. Some of them I think "I will never get that" but with Katerina building up your confidence (and plenty of laughs along the way) it suddenly falls into place and it's great. It has definitely made me more supple and active. I love the skirts and belts, the only problem I have is choosing which one as they are all so gorgeous ! Thanks Katerina, keep up the good work. x
Cathy Blaylock says (23/07/2011 08:26:49):
I've been to Katerina's classes for around four years now - most excercise classes I tend to lose interest/motivation to attend. However these classes have held my interest and every week I can't wait to go to learn new/exciting routines. The atmosphere is great and Katerina's teaching skills ensure you pick up the new moves quickly. Although I can't attend every week Katerina is so flexilble and works with me - thank you. If you're looking for something new and exiciting, a fun atmosphere to learn in - then Katerina's classes are just for you, don't delay start your shimmy today !!
Alison Standen says (17/07/2011 22:54:26):
I have attended Katerina's classes for over 3 years and it is the only class I have joined that motivates me to exercise!The teaching is first rate and the choreography builds up routine after routine until you end up really pleased with the progress you make. The company is great and the dance costumes are colourful ,good fun and custom made for us. It would be very hard to find a more dedicated and inspirational teacher
Marion says (05/07/2011 16:31:54):
I love belly dancing and really look forward to my weekly class on a Saturday morning. Not only do we learn lots of routines (eventually!!) but we also have enormous fun in the process. Katerina is a great teacher-very encouraging; even when certain movements seem totally impossible, we get there in the end (although, there may be a few exceptions to that last statement coming up!)
Laura Record says (03/07/2011 23:09:43):
I've been one of Katerina's students for 5 years now and Bellydance is the best form of exercise I've ever done. It has massively improved my co-ordination and general fitness and the backache I suffered with for years has completely gone. The routines are good, making you feel like you have achieved something without the pressure of exams or grades and I love all the Arabic music that we listen to while learning the moves! I believe that bellydance is empowering for women of any age, size or shape and I couldn't recommend Katerina as a teacher any higher.
Sally says (28/06/2011 13:57:51):
I have been going to katerina's belly dancing class for about 5 years.It is great fun and she is a brilliant teacher!I am very un-coordinated and the dancing has helped with my co-ordination. I am quite amazed at the things I am now able to do.I have learnt several dance routines which are great fun. Thank you Katerina!
Patricia says (18/06/2011 13:36:22):
I saw an advert for classes at Beauchamp. Now , a few years later I have
never done a better exercise, it is fun and exotic, but because I am seventy
five years old and have done a lot of different sports in the past I can appreciate how good it is. Katerina is an exellent teacher, she builds the routines up in a way that before you know it, you are doing several things at once that you never expected that you would acheive. I have lost over two stone , my posture is better and problems with some arthritis in my knee has improved. I will not miss any of the classes unless I have to. I love the company and atmosphere of it all.
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