Celia says (17/06/2011 16:34:34):
I joined Katerina's classes as a beginner nearly six years ago when in my late forties, so it's never too late to start! I love the dancing - it's a great form of exercise, you don't need a partner (ideal if yours has two left feet!), and I like being with a group of really friendly people.
Cheryl says (12/06/2011 19:55:40):
I've been going to Katerina's Friday night class for a good few years now and its brilliant alot more fun than any workout at a gym and just as energetic, I've also bought a couple of skirts which are lovely and a perfect fit. Its great to find such a good teacher so thanks Katerina (I love the website its fantastic) xxx
Sarah Drummond says (12/06/2011 17:14:06):
Katerina's choreography is a delight to watch, learn and perform. Always a challenge at every level, it keeps your interest and makes you feel you have achieved something once you've mastered all the new moves!
The skirts are amazing-very comfortable and look great. As they are made to measure they fit perfectly, which is great for myself as a shorter person, as long skirts are often far too long! Wearing one of the skirts to class means that I can concentrate on the class rather than having to re-adjust an ill-fitting skirt constantly.
The tops are equally good and very suitable for class wear and really match well with the skirts. Finally, the belts are top quality and I would definately recommend them as they are great value and interestingly designed.
Sue says (10/06/2011 20:24:44):
I have been going to belly dancing for a few years now, and look forward to my friday night dancing. Its the perfect way to finish the working week. Each time we learn a new routine, that particular music becomes our new favourite, and i find myself sort of singing along with it when i listen to it at home. Thankyou Katerina.
Amanda says (04/06/2011 20:04:45):
I have been taught by Katerina for 5 years now and have to say it is the only form of excercise that I have done for so long! I love the classes as they are great fun and very friendly. I also love the wide variety of music we get to hear and practise our moves to. I have been known in my less sober moments to dance at family parties and would recommend the classes to any woman of any age. Shimmy away girls!!!!
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