Lorraine says (24/10/2019 20:34:53):
I love my Tuesday night class in Hinckley. We have great people in the class. We also have lots of fun and laughs as well as a fabulous teacher I’m so glad my friend came to this class
Babs says (23/09/2019 13:09:26):
When I tell people that I go to belly dancing classes, I often get the reaction something like “Oh that sounds lovely, but I'm not slim enough/not young enough/not fit enough and I couldn't possibly have a bare midriff!” So then I explain that it doesn't matter how old or fit you are, or what size, and you certainly don't need to bare any parts of your body that you don't want to!! It's a truly lovely way to exercise, learn some beautiful dances and have some fun.

I've been to various classes and workshops over the years and have met some lovely people. But I will be staying with Katerina for many years to come, I hope! She is a talented dancer and a gifted teacher. I've learned more from her classes during the last two years than any of the others. She spends a little time with everyone during the class and quietly makes sure that you are doing the various moves to the best of your age and ability. She also has a great sense of humour and is just lovely!!
Celia Leckie says (28/08/2019 16:23:58):
I have been attending Katerina's Belly Dance Classes now for 18 months or so but have previously attended a few years ago but for personal reasons had to give up, but I'm so happy to be attending again. Katerina is an excellent teacher, she is always cheerful and I can guarantee you'll have a great laugh as well as learning a new skill. The classes are just the right size and all the ladies are a really friendly bunch and we especially like to make all new ladies welcome. After finishing the class I am always full of energy and definitely more cheerful. It has been especially good for my mental health as well as my physical health. Katerina is a superb teacher who thoroughly enjoys teaching us the art of Bellydancing I would definitely recommend you give the classes a try, just dive right in you might be surprised at how much you'll enjoy it!!
Carol Fray says (24/08/2019 17:24:52):
I began lessons with Katerina just over a year ago. Her classes are fun and she is an excellent teacher who breaks up the dances into manageable sections. Within a few months I had a few routines under my ( belly dance) belt. I would highly recommend belly dancing as an activity which gives a decent workout suitable for all ages. It is a class that you could attend on your own - as I did - without feeling self conscious as it’s a friendly group. You may however become addicted!
Rosalind says (24/08/2019 16:59:34):
I have been attending Katerina’s Belly Dancing classes for nearly 3 years. I throughly enjoy it, she’s a fantastic teacher and dancer who gives us lots of encouragement. The class is very energetic and motivating and I would definitely recommend it!
Elena says (19/08/2019 09:32:19):
i joined Katerina's class 1 year ago and i am so happy I did! Katerina is very proffesional, beautiful dancer and very patient. She loves what shes doing and that makes me appreciate , respect her and try my best every time :) every week im looking forward to the next lesson. Belly dance is great exercise , keeps you fit and every time you have new challenges. I love it! xx
Bethan Binns says (18/08/2019 12:53:36):
Belly dancing is for any age any size and any ability. I started when I was aged 65 with a bit of trepidation but I need not have worried. Katerina is very friendly, has a good sense of humour and sees the potential in us all. Consequently the group of ladies are very friendly and respectful of each other and so as the weeks/ months / years go by there is certainly a sense of belonging.

The exercise is amazing and tones every part of the body without undue stress and I have noticed the improvement in everyday life. I am also convinced that the learning of routines, in us older ladies helps to stimulate the memory cells and improves ones self-confidence.

Whatever age, size and ability you are, come and give belly dancing a try- you certainly won’t look back!
Sally Bailey says (27/04/2018 14:06:44):
update on my comments from 2012, yes it is now 8 years I have been attending Katerina's classes
and I still look forward to each weeks lesson. I have learnt so many moves and despite now having rheumatoid arthritis I still manage nearly everything. The challenge of learning is still very good for body and mind, and I have quite a collection of beautiful skirts and belts.
Well done Katerina for your gifted teaching.
Christine says (21/04/2018 19:50:25):
What a great way to spend Thursday evening learning belly dancing. I have been attending now for over 2 years and was so glad I did. The class is fun, great way to keep fit as well as learning the fantastic dance routines. Katerina is a great teacher helping us to learn each routine so that we can perform something we could never do on our own. She works so hard and is dedicated to all of her classes. It does not matter what age, size or shape we are its a great way to get involved and make new friends as well as learning to move parts of your body you didn't know you had. you wont regret it. Go on give it a go
Debby S.G. says (19/04/2018 17:07:35):
My mother and myself have been attending Katerina's Egyptian Dancing classes for nearly 2 years. I love all forms of dancing, and I loathe
anything high impact. This dance class is perfect for me. A really fun way to keep fit and learn something new. Katerina is an excellent
teacher and choreographer and breaks down each move until you have it right. Don't think about joining, just do it! You won't regret it.
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